Book Reviews #1: Cinder


Here is my first review for you: Cinder by Marissa Meyer. The text part is a little addition to the poster review up there, of course, I’d advise you to read both 😉
The fact that I love fairy tale retelling and heard so MUCH about The Lunar Chronicle.. well I couldn’t resist and I had to read it!

I was hooked up from the beginning, the fact that we are in the future, in a world of cyborgs and with such a different Cinderella… and at the same time, one with the same problems than the original one.
It was really interesting to read about this futuristic society, the relationship between Commonwealth and Luna, the evolution of Cinder. I really loved that the story was like we were in her head (which she would have hate lol).The revelations about Cinder nature, about the plague and anything Lunar related were quite well done as well. And the way cyborgs are perceived by the society? that was so good and such a great theme in « sci-fi » (yeah this book is not really sci-fi » for me but it had elements of it for sure), the « what about artificial intelligence question »? how should cyborgs be considered? always a remanent question… and quite an important one.

Hey! you’ll say, you are only saying positive aspects of the book, why 3 stars then??
Because Prince Kay. I just… his character misses the depth Cinder have (which after all, is often a common point between the Princes of fairy tales). And the thing that bothered me the much: Cinder loves him while he approved the draft of cyborgs and them being guinea pigs. How can Cinder not care about that?? This precise point is the reason I was disappointed by this book.
There were a few other characters who felt off time to time, but yeah, mostly, it’s that point who troubled me. I would be curious to hear opinions about it tho?
Don’t hesitate to leave your comment (in French or English) about this book bellow!

See you for a cup!

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