How to get (back) to reading ?

« I don’t have enough time to read », « I stopped reading and I don’t know how to get back to it », « I don’t know what to read »… I’ve heard that and many others from friends or people I know. I myself went through a time like that, where I thought I had no time (or not the will) to read.
So here are a few tips to reconnect with your books:

  • Start with some will!

It’s so easy to sit down on your couch and watch a TV show. We just have to push a button or two and we can turn off our brain.
Reading asks for some sort of effort, picking a book, not going straight to your TV or computer, which is very often the easiest option. It is about saving dedicated time, which is a decision you have to take to start with. Are you willing to?

  • Save some reading time

That’s the step right after you’ve decided you’re ready to read. Save some specific time for your books. It can be on your phone, your agenda, anything, but write it down. At this time, you’ll be reading. It can be daily, weekly, whatever you want and can. Even putting an alarm to go to bed 10 minutes earlier will help you read a few more pages.

For me, what works best is to book an entire evening to read. I resist to the sirens of Netflix and others, I do not start a TV show, no, right after dinner, I dive into a book. I find it easier not to start something else than reading that to stop at a precise time to go and read.

To each their own, that’s my own trick, but yours can be different 😉 The important part is to add this bookish time to your routine. A new habit of taking!

  • Rereading…

A good way to get back to reading is to pick one of your old favorite (hum hum … Harry Potter…). It’s so comforting to get back to characters that you love, to a universe you know and that feels familiar. This dive in a loved universe can be all you need to get back from a reading slump.

  • Let movies inspire you!

Is there a movie you recently watched end enjoyed? It might be inspired by a book! why not look out for it, and read it! It’s a good way to start for a non-reader. You know what you are getting yourself into, and there are more chances you enjoy the book having images to match with it 😉

  • Libraries are your best friends!!

Yes, books are often expensive, and ebooks are not always better, but do not let that slow you down! For a tiny amount of money, or even for free, you can be granted access to thousands of books! What are you waiting for! Let’s go to the library!

  • Or bargain bookstores!

You never know which gem can be hidden in a thrift store! Sometimes you may even find new books. Whether you do not want to spend too much in a book you are not sure to like, or you do not have the means for a new book, bargain bookstores can really help you fill your shelves without ruining yourself!

  • And don’t forget about audiobooks!

We do not talk a lot about these, and they are not for everybody perhaps, but if you are in a reading slump or trying to get into reading, it can be a good option. You can do it in your car, instead of listening to music, you can put it on your phone, you can listen to it while cooking, possibilities are infinite!! And if you have a tight schedule or auditive memory, it can work awesomely for you!

  • Finally… read everywhere!

When you’re traveling, on a lunch break, waiting at the doctor’s… always take a book with you! If a book is too heavy to carry, why not an ebook? If you can’t read while traveling, you can get an audiobook! There is always a solution 😉

I hope you found this article interesting and I would LOVE to hear about your own tips and tricks for people who want to start reading (again)!!!

See you for a cup!


3 réflexions sur “How to get (back) to reading ?

  1. abookandacup dit :

    Un petit mot sur la lecture…sûrement facile quand les livres font partie de notre vie depuis l’enfance!
    Je dois remercier mon papa qui m’a initié à la lecture très tôt ,premier livre : »le livre de la jungle » et pour moi la découverte d’un univers infini ,le plaisir,l’imagination et l’accès à la connaissance.On aime un livre comme on aime un tableau ;il parle à notre coeur,nos émotions et c’est fantastique.
    Pour moi le moment de lecture incontournable c’est le soir, bien installée sous la couette ,surtout pas de télévision,et le livre est mon compagnon quelque soit l’heure.Certains qualifieront ce temps passé à lire de temps perdu mais pour les accros c’est du temps gagné qui offre tout un monde si facile d’accès.
    Vive la lecture


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