Let’s go back to Gotham city!

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetBatman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu
Series: DC Icons
Also in this series: Wonder Woman
Pages: 288
Published by Penguin Random House ( Jan. 4th, 2018)
Top 3 Genres: Young Adult, Comics, Retellings
My rating: Set it on fire/If you have nothing else to read/you need to read it/Run and buy it.
Source: Gifted
To buy the book: CA • US • FR
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Hello bookdragons! You may know my love for comics and super heroes. If you do not know it yet, here is a proof! I couldn’t wait to read the latest DC Icons’s book: Batman, Nightwalker by Marie Lu!


Typical Marie Lu’s world building

If you’ve read Legend or Warcross, you know that Marie Lu loves fancy tech! Virtual reality glasses, robots, gadgets of all kind, they are present in this book! Not a surprise, Wayne Industry being all about technology development. Marie Lu makes it cool and modern, fit for the young Bruce Wayne. It is also not so far from reality you can’t imagine it. And as usual, Marie Lu is showing you the dark side of progress too!

Great characters, fitting the comics vibe!

Bruce, Dianne, Madeline, all great! They are well built and complex, they live truly in the pages and you care for them! It was also funny to meet other characters we know from the comics/cartoon/movies: Alfred, always here, Harvey Dent or even Lucius Fox! It feels real and it fits the original universe! I also love the apparition, at the very end of the book, of another well-known character of Gotham city.

Speaking of Gotham…

Any version you take of Batman, there is Gotham city. Dark and dangerous, seriously I would never live there! But it is good to read about it, a city who tried to be good, technologically advanced and prosper. But a city so corrupted, with so many crime lords, and dangerous criminals, it is doomed. A city Batman will always try to save, despite itself. We can see the beginning of that, of this endless quest of Bruce Wayne, in this book!

A plot a bit far stretched

That’s the only thing I had a problem with, in this book! First, Bruce, who only trained in a private gymnasium, with his virtual reality glasses and all, is able to take down criminals fighting dirty. And Marie Lu shoves that in your face many times in the book. Sorry, for me it did now feel real. He has never fought against anyone in real life, but he is able to take down 4 men, armed, by himself. No, sorry. Or the Nightwalkers he is fighting are real dummies. Come on, Marie Lu, you can do better than that!

In a few words…

Even if I did not adore it as much as Wonder Woman, it was a very pleasant read! I always loved Batman, and discovering his birth, what made him, in the eyes of Marie Lu was great! I guess I would have expected it even darker! But after all, Bruce is only 18, and Batman has still a lot to learn!

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