Let the Atlas Fall!

4ed7b5d3-4929-4591-aa3c-b98b83015531.jpgAtlas Fallen by Jessica Pierce
The Cyber Crown #1
Pages: 352
by Lost city Publishers
Release date: 
May th, 2018
Top 3 Genres:
 Young Adult, Sci-fi, Adventure
My rating: 
Set it on fire/If you have nothing else to read/you need to read it/Run and buy it.
ARC provided by the author
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Hello bookdragons! Are you ready for some pretty good sci-fi? A mix of Illuminae, Six of Crows and Cinderella packed in an intense book that will make your heart roller coaster? Then Atlas Fallen is for you!


A futuristic space station

Get ready for a flight to the Atlas, a station, and satellite of the Earth.  But just like on our planet, power and money run the world! The Atlas station is divided into levels, richies at the top, and poor worker at the bottom. Humans can be enhanced, physically or mentally, and technology has made a lot of progress. It is realistic, well built and complex. You can really see yourself up there, on the Atlas. All the society flaws, all the unfairness of a world ruled by money, gangs and a royalty uniting… the World! You can imagine all that creates some…tension. Not everybody is happy with how the world is ruled, and some are willing to bring the entire station down to get to power!

When you say futuristic, what do you think? Robots right? Well, they are here too! Robot. Fights. And it’s crazy good! I’d never read about robot fights and didn’t know I would love it but that was actually one of my favorite scenes!

Great characters

I’ll start with the names: Tesla, Daxton, Jasmeen or Sav, all the characters have well-thought names. They are also complex and very attaching. They really reminded me of the Six of Crows team (not saying that in a bad way!), with all the characters having their secret issues but bounded together no matter what! My favorite was without surprise Telsa. Just the name but also she is so brave and bad ass!

The relationship between the characters is also something I loved to see through the book, I think there are still a lot of secrets to be learned!

The plot itself

That is what got me, truly. There was so much action in this book, and even if the bad person was not really a surprise, it was great to follow our characters trying to find out clues and avoid dangers to uncover the truth and what was the threat to the station. We move up and down the station, fight robots, search for ball dresses and look for missing people! No time to get bored! After the first third of the book, I seriously couldn’t put it down!

As I said, it made me think of Six of Crows and Star Wars ( Rogue 1?) but it also had an Othello vibe, and I could also see a lot of Cinderella sparks in the story. I loved this mix perfectly dosed into this novel!

In a few words

Space, smart-ass characters, a station to save from annihilation and an author who is not afraid to take risks, I say YES! Let Jessica Pierce take you on the Atlas for a fast-paced adventure that will only make you ask: when does the second book come out?

See you for a cup!


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