5 good reasons to read Renegades

Hello bookdragons!! Thursday was Arch-enemies release day and to celebrate I thought I would remind you all why Renegades is a series you want to read! I do not love all Marissa Meyer’s books BUT these are so unique that you need to add them to your TBR if it’s not done already. And I’m giving you 5 reasons why you should do so 😉

    Of course, superheroes are very present in comics and movies: Marvel and DC comics brought them to life for us many many years ago. They even started real books about them like lately Black Widow, Wonder Woman, Batman or Catwoman. But they stay the superheroes we know. Here Marissa Meyer presents us with original super-heroes. They want to save the world, or to control it. They have all sort of powers. Their city is in danger. All the classic elements making superheroes, with Marissa Meyer’s vision of them. This gives you Adrian, capable of drawing things to life, Ruby, able to create weapons from her blood or Nova, putting people to sleep with her touch. Some powers are big, some are small, but no matter what they are, the author really dug deep into how each character would use them. I just love superheroes in general, and even more what Meyer did with them!
  2. A complex universe
    This is something Meyer is always good at: creating a fascinating universe. She takes the time to tell us how this world came to be, how the prodigies, people with powers appeared, how chaos and anarchy grew, and how this group of people, the Renegades, tried to bring back peace. She goes deep into the difficulties of the world, how it is organized and what are the dangers in it. Life is not easy in Capital city, and she makes sure we understand why and can relate
  3. This is not a black and white world
    Another thing I really enjoyed while reading: (almost) everybody has a dark side. Who is good and who is bad… it’s all about perspective. The Anarchists live by their own rules and fight for their freedom, while the Renegades try to bring back order and protect the citizens. But on each side, some people abuse power, while others truly believe in their mission. And one action, depending if it is being told by Nova or Adrian, can be seen as totally different. I love how this leaves the reader wondering and unsure on who to identify with!
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  4. The alternate POV
    This is linked to my previous point, as it really gives us the opposite perspectives. The story is told half by Nova, half by Adrian. Each with their history and their beliefs. Each with quite opposite goals in mind. Being in their heads give us the opportunity to see why they act and which agendas they are following. It’s even better as they have many scenes together, and don’t see things the same way at all! They are both great characters who grow through the story, who start to question the certainty they grew up with. And all along, I was afraid of what would happen when the truth would come out and when they would discover who the other really is.
  5. A slowly building but intense plot
    This book starts with Nova infiltrating the Renegades in order to kill their leader, Captain Chromium. She has to gain the trust of her team, learn the secrets of the Renegades, while hiding her true identity. Quite the challenge! Nova is playing a very dangerous game, and I was on the edge with her! On the other hand, Adrien wants to prove himself to his family and all the Renegades. To the point, he created a secret identity. His goal? To catch the mysterious Nightmare… who is actually closer than he thinks! His character arc was very different from Nova’s but just as interesting.

Hope this made you want to try this series if you haven’t yet! Many thanks to Macmillan Audio for providing me the fantastic audio version of Renegades! If you are still not sure about this series, why not listen to it a little bit:

See you for a cup,


10 réflexions sur “5 good reasons to read Renegades

  1. spellofcressy dit :

    Mon dieu j’aime ce rendez vous tu le sais à force ? d’ailleurs aurais je l’autorisation de reprendre ton idée !

    Mais cet univers est fou ! J’ai tellement hâte de retrouver Nova je te jure j’ai un culte avec elle ahah et le petit Max lui aussi !

    J’adore le Captain C aussi non sérieusement j’adore autant les evils que les héros ♥


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