History vs Women: a must read!

History vs Women by Anita Sarkeesian & Ebony Adams
Source: hardcover provided by Raincoast Books
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Historical, Feminist, Nonfiction
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Set it on fire/If you have nothing else to read/you need to read it/Run and buy it.
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 » To all the women whose stories were never told, whose songs were never sung, and whose works were never celebrated. May the knowledge of your lives stir up ambitious dreams in new generations of women who will never be forgotten »

Hey guys! Getting out of fictions today to talk about the real stuff. Women and their history!

Rebels, rulers, scientists, artists, warriors and villains
Women are, and have always been, all these things and more.
Looking through the ages and across the globe, Anita Sarkeesian, founder of Feminist Frequency, along with Ebony Adams PHD, have reclaimed the stories of twenty-five remarkable women who dared to defy history and change the world around them. From Mongolian princesses to Chinese pirates, Native American ballerinas to Egyptian scientists, Japanese novelists to British Prime Ministers, History vs Womenwill reframe the history that you thought you knew.
Featuring beautiful full-color illustrations of each woman and a bold graphic design, this standout nonfiction title is the perfect read for teens (or adults!) who want the true stories of phenomenal women from around the world and insight into how their lives and accomplishments impacted both their societies and our own.

A modern book

When I looked at the cover and then the pages of this book, I saw it as striking, catchy. It is made to be seen. And I think, to be attractive to younger readers too. The sections are simple, the women described clearly and in an epic way (like  Triêu Thi Trinh, Rider on the storm), making this work very fascinating to read. This book is also built in a very modern way, cut into parts such as « Reckless Rebels », « Ruthless villains » or even « Restless Artists ». The authors were very good here at making this book interesting and fun, while also powerful in its message.

A feminist piece

Because as the song says « This is a maaaaaaan’s world », and for centuries, men tried (and still do) to subdue women and dominate them. But it doesn’t mean that women were not there, doing great things. This book is for them… and for us too, reader. So that we don’t forget who they were and that it gives us strength too. The fight for women’s rights and equality is not over, this beautiful book is a part of it and so are we! Knowledge is power after all, and the one shared with us here might inspire you 😉

In a few words

I loved to dive into this colorful book and discover more about women who could have left a bigger trace in History and the incredible lives they lived!

See you for a cup,


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