#Givemefivebooks: 5 books with incredible romance

Hey guys! Are you ready for a new edition of Give me five books? Today I’m talking about some of my favorite romances in the literature (in non-romance books!). Because they made me feel so much, from butterflies to despair, because they broke my heart and mended it back together.

  1. Daughter of Smoke and Bone – Laini Taylor
    I think the relationship between Karou and Akiva is one of my all time favorites, so beautiful and tragic and complicated. I was crying but wanted more!
  2. The Cruel Prince – Holly Black
    The relationship between Jude and Cardan is so unique, terrible in some ways but fascinating!
  3. Graceling – Kristin Cashore
    Po and Katsa are some of the less known couples in YA fantasy but it was the first book I read in this genre where the guy was not a walking cliché of « manly man ». I loved how the relationship between Katsa and him grew through the pages.
  4. Heartless – Marissa Meyer
    I’m telling you, this romance does not end well. But Catherine and Jest are incredible characters, even more, when they are together. My heart died a little when I read Heartless, and I’m still not over it months after.
  5. 1-800-where-R-You – Meg Cabot
    This series goes back to my high school days… but I remember loving the challenge of Jess and Rob’s relationship (or, lack of). She was fighting so he let her in, and they had so many great moments together!

That’s it for today! Do you have some favorite romances?

See you for a cup!


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