Top Ten Tuesday: my favorite bookish friendships!

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Hey guys!! This week theme for the Top Ten Tuesday was not easy! Characters freebie? That gives me too many options!! Bookboyfriends ? Characters I dream to be? Or that I hate? TOO MANY CHOICES! So in the end, I chose: my 10 favorite bookish friendships!

  1. Karou and Zuzana (Daughter of Smoke and Bones) I. WILL. NEVER. SAY. HOW. MUCH. I. LOVE. THIS. SERIES. ENOUGH. And part of it is because of the incredible and so special friendship between Karou and Zuzana
  2. Merry and Pippin (Lord of the Rings): My two favorite Hobbits, able to sing or fight together all the same, and always protecting each other!
    Image result for gif merry and pippin
  3. Feyre, Amren and Morrigan ( A court of thorns and roses): I love how we have a here a trio of very different characters, yet all interesting and bringing something different to their frienship! They are also all three pretty bad ass ladies!
    Image result for gif charlie's angels
  4. Harry and Hermione (Harry Potter series): Everyone is talking about Harry and Ron as BBF but Hermione is the one who was always there, more often than not saving Harry’s ass, but also being brave and supporting him when everyone else turned their back on him (even Ron). That is true friendship!
    Image result for gif harry and hermione
  5. Eragon and Saphira (The Inheritance cycle): Of course I’m talking here about their relationship in the book, that I truly loved!! Basically, I wanted the same with my dragon.
    Image result for gif eragon and saphira
  6. Audrey-Rose and Thomas ( Stalking Jack the Ripper ): Yes, I know, they are a couple… but I feel like we can really see their friendship first by how they interact with each other and they are just perfect!!!!
    Related image
  7. Lucy Pevensie and Mr Tumnus: they are just the CUTEST!!
    Image result for gif lucy and tumnus
  8. The heroes of Olympus (The Heroes of Olympus): I cant choose just one, I love them all, especially together!! Percy, Jason, Hazel, Leo, Piper, Annabeth and Frank…they all bring something special, can make me laugh or cry and are full of surprises!
    Image result for gif percy jackson
  9. Darrow and Sevro (Red Rising): They (almost) literary went through hell together! Their bonds are made of blood and suffering, their friendship is not always pretty, but it is strong!

    Image result for gif darrow sevro red rising

    (another going through hell type of friendship)

  10. Victor and Sidney (Vicious): ok I’m not saying this friendship is not weird or terrible in some aspects but these characters also have a super interesting dynamic!
    Image result for gif victor sidney vicious

What about you? Which literary friendships to you love?

See you for a cup!


14 réflexions sur “Top Ten Tuesday: my favorite bookish friendships!

  1. acquadimore dit :

    I agree so much about Karou and Zuzana! Especially since Daughter of Smoke and Bone had a healthy, well-written female friendship in a time in which these things were rare in YA, and the best friend usually died/disappeared/was not a character at all (I’m so glad that’s not as much the case anymore.)
    And it’s been so long since I read Eragon, but I remember loving the interactions between Saphira and Eragon too. Great list!

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