Wilder Girls – Indigo Book Box

Hey bookdragons! How are you doing? I know I’ll try to enjoy this day off, eat with some friends, do some HP related thing (the usual you know?). Anyway, I’m here today ’cause I had the surprise to receive in the mail the latest Indigo Book Box inspired by Wilder Girls, a book I knew nothing about TBH, just that the cover was GORGEOUS!

What is the Indigo Book Box?

Every month, Indigo offers a book box containing a book (that was pretty obvious right?) and some goodies. The extra part? The book is SIGNED! And the goodies are exclusive to the box. Let’s see now what was inside this month’s box!

Wilder Girls – Indigo Book Box

  • a copy of Wilder Girls with a bookplate signed by the author, Rory Power
  • A letter from the author
  • a little Wilder Girls magnet
  • the best part: A « No shelf control » tote bag! It is really gorgeous and so big… you definitely have an excuse to buy a lot of books haha

It was not my favorite box to be true (still thinking of the We Hunt the Flame one that was amazing!!), and I always prefer if the book is really signed not just a plate but it is a stunning book and the tote bag is something I know I’ll use a lot! Plus I smile all the time reading the No shelf control part…. it is SO TRUE! If you were interested in Wilder Girls and wanted to treat yourself, don’t miss the chance, the quantities are limited 😉 You can check it more in detail on Chapters!

Synopsis of Wilder Girls by Rory Power:

Enter a quarantined island boarding school where the Tox has slowly killed everyone except three best friends. It’s been eighteen months, and they don’t dare wander outside the school’s fence – until one of them disappears. This Indigo Book Box explores Wilder Girls, the highly anticipated debut novel by Rory Power, described as a creepy, feminist Lord of the Flies. Friendship, bravery and brutality combine in this eerie tale about uncovering the truth.

Do you plan to read Wilder Girls? or have you read it already?

See you for a cup,


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