5 reasons why I love the Harry Potter series so much!

Hey guys! It’s Sunday, let’s keep it cozy… and talk Harry Potter! I just wanted today to share my top 5 reasons for loving this series and why it is so important to me, even to this day ;) Also, I hope this will convince the ones of you who haven’t read this series yet to do so!!

1. The magic. Like, everything: the spells, the magic system, the school… I mean I could make a super long list about everything I love about the magic system but you get it 😉 It’s so imaginative and well built, but also, so much fun! It is the first thing that puts this series of books out of the ordinary and really makes it unique. (ok, one of my fav things ever:the Patronus!)

Luna Lovegood

2. Growing with the books: I read The Philosopher’s stone when I was just turning eleven, I was Harry’s age and then, each year, I was getting older with him, like him. It made the connection to his character and the story so easy! And I think it made the experience so much better, I feel extremely lucky to be part of the generation that got that chance.

Abroad Blog: You're A Wizard, Harry! | Her Campus

The only thing I was hoping for when I was 11

3. Hermione: I was a lot like Hermione younger: Top of the class and bushy hair. Having a hard time finding friends and being judged for liking to learn. Hermione was the first character like me I met, and she gave me courage, told me it was ok to be who I was and that in the end, I’ll meet people who would like me for me (this is a happy ending story, I did meet real friends!)

Hermione GIF's - Hermione Granger Fan Art (34185624) - Fanpop

4. How much it impacted my daily life: it rejoins point number 3, but Harry Potter really gave me a feeling of belonging, helping me connect with people like me. From waiting for my Hogwarts letter after reading book 1 to being sorted into a house on Pottermore and to all the talks I still have with friends around the Wizarding World, Harry Potter was more than just a book or a series, it has created a connection between people, even 20 years later!


5. The world-building: let’s be honest, it’s pretty incredible! All the words JK Rowling invented, the magical tool, the history of the Wizarding World and so much more! Like the Room of Requirement, how great and inventive is it??
Now my feet won't touch the ground, “There were once three ...

What about you? what do you love most about Harry Potter?

See you for a cup,


13 réflexions sur “5 reasons why I love the Harry Potter series so much!

  1. The teapot library dit :

    Just like you : I grew up with the characters, I love the magic, but also apart from magic, the students face all of the « basic » problems every teenager meets (isolation, judgments, exams, jalousy, competition …). Hermione, Ron and Harry helped me to accept the sometimes difficult daily life of a teen 😀 I looved Hermione so much and I could totaly identify myself to her.And finally, I love HP because no matter the age of the reader everybody can enjoy it. I love it as much now as I used to 15 years ago ❤️❤️❤️

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