Top Ten Tuesday: These books I’ve been avoiding reading!

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Hey guys! I’m back with a new Top Ten Tuesday, this one on a topic that’s more …sensitive if I can say, as it is about these books I’m avoiding reading for various reasons! Some silly and some more serious, but I’ll let you judge of that 😉 Oh also, there are only 5 books in this TTT (which is then actually a TFT right?), but I’m ranting a lot haha

  1. The Wiseman’s Fear – Patrick Rothfuss:
    I have been putting off reading this book for over two years. I LOVED The Name of the Wind when I read it. It was amazing. And then, I looked at the Wiseman’s fear. At the number of pages and the tiny tiny writing on my paperback edition… and I ran away.
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    Well, not literally BUT, I put the books on my shelves, looked at it, sometimes put it on challenges lists.. while never really touching it or considering seriously reading it! I know it’s a bit stupid to be stopped by a number of pages but that is what happened. Past tense. CAUSE I FINALLY STARTED IT YESTERDAY!!!!
  2. The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood: 
    For this one, it is not the number of pages the problem, but more the topic this book is focused on, the future it displays. I’m easily upset by sexism and how women are treated around the world (especially that I work in a field where I see a lot of this unfairness), so reading about it, in such a realistic way.. I’m not sure I could handle it. I am avoiding reading this book because I don’t want to be depressed by it and I’m afraid that it is what would happen.
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  3. Nevernight – Jay Kristoff:
    I am not sure you can talk about avoiding for this book, as I’ve always really wanted to read it… but at the same time it is like I’m always planning to do so « later ». I even read a few chapters last week and then moved to another book (an ARC I had to read, and don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed these first chapters). It’s like.. this book is so hyped I’m scared I won’t like it or it won’t live up to my expectations!
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  4. Empire of Storms – Sarah J Maas:
    I’ve quite enjoyed the first book of the series, but then, the negative aspects were more and more bothering, and the good ones not necessarily enough. I have the book on my shelves, but I like the envy to read it. At the same time, I want to finish that series. But I’m avoiding it because I know the bad will still be there haha!
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  5. The Way of Kings – Brandon Sanderson:
    Another book I was afraid of for its length: 1007 for the hardback! I was also afraid of the English level in that one…, especially in such a complex fantasy universe.  But I found a trick, I bought it in French, where the book got cut into two parts hehe. And now, I’ve finally started reading it (see how I’m working on my fear of big books!).
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There is my little list for today! What about you? Some books you’ve been avoiding reading?

See you for a cup!


16 réflexions sur “Top Ten Tuesday: These books I’ve been avoiding reading!

  1. Sammie @ The Writerly Way dit :

    I feel totally the same about Nevernight! Especially with book three coming out. But I’m so determined to read the series now, in its entirety, and I’m also fairly certain that I’ll love it. I heard book two had a horrible cliffhanger, so that gave me a really convenient excuse not to pick up Nevernight until Darkdawn came out … and now I seem to have lost that excuse, so I guess I have no choice but to read it. xD

    I didn’t realize The Way of Kings was split in two for the French version! How interesting. I haven’t tackled any of that series yet, because it just seems so massive and daunting, even though I know I’m going to love it because duh, Sanderson.

    Here’s my TTT post.

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    • abookandacup dit :

      Thanks a lot for your comment!
      Yes, the fact that Darkdawn came out was also a trigger for me as in « Now you have even less excuses not to read it and you can read it all » haha. For the few chapters I tried, I think it will be super interesting!! I love books where the narration is peculiar like this one.
      And yes, I think they didn’t see how to put it in one as we don’t really have an equivalent of hardback… they were probably afraid it would break loool
      Even in two books, each is around 1000 pages haha. How do you do that Sanderson???

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      • Sammie @ The Writerly Way dit :

        Honestly, I’m sure I’ll love Nevernight, because I’ve really enjoyed his other work as an author. I just get psyched out by the hype and worry that I’ll not like it after it’s been hyped up so much.

        It feels silly to say, but I didn’t even realize you didn’t have hardbacks, either! How interesting! But oh gosh, so long. I didn’t realize it was *that* long, even after it was split. xD Jeez. The most impressive thing is how he writes that much and does it so well that after all those pages, you’re still upset that there’s not more haha.

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  2. Greg dit :

    I’ve never read Kristoff (other than the Illuminae series with Amy Kaufman) or Sanderson- I should try them. And The Handmaid’s Tale I havcen’t read either, although I did watch the first season of the show and it made me really curious.

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