Talk like a pirate day: 5 reasons to discover the SeaFire series

Ahoy, maties! Today is Talk like a pirate day!! And to celebrate, Penguin Teen Canada offered me to do a little something to introduce you to the Seafire series by Natalie C Parker (yes, there are pirates), and I decided to give you 5 great reasons to give these books a try!

1. Pirates: well, not exactly pirates as they do not hunt like commercial boats to enrich themselves. But they do attack the ships of the (terrible) power in place, like a pebble in his shoe, to survive mostly but also for revenge against the man who destroyed their life and family! Which leads to fighting scenes over the seas, crazy ship escapes, and all sort of things pirates do!
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2. Female pirates: the pirates mentioned above? All girls! On the Mors Navis, and under Captain Caledonia Styx orders, there is a crew only made of women. And they are so fierce! I loved that we learned about a lot of them, what was their past and why they were now in this precarious position. And we could also appreciate how close and supportive they were of each other. And some woman to woman positivity is always appreciated!
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3. Speaking of the crew…. so many great side characters: I think I could even love them more than the main ones. We have LGBTQA characters, disabled characters, POC, and it is all done so very naturally, just as all kind of people joined the crew. But beyond the representation, they were just very easy to get attached to. Pisces, trying to hide her soft and hopeful heart, Hime, tiny and fierce when it comes to protecting the ones she loves, Redtooth, a fighter if there is one and Amina -my favorite- super smart and always fixing things!
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4. Post-apocalyptic world: that is the aspect of the book I find the most fascinating. We first learn that the action is mostly happening on the sea (which makes sense right :p), but soon we get some hints and clue about the land left behind, or some tools they use on the ship (like solar sail), and they help us understand that this world could actually be our own, in a future where a catastrophic event happened, making humans find a new way of living. I was very intrigued by that, and always looked for more clues to understand what happened!
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5. A REALLY bad guy: you know how sometimes villains are a bit mild, or stereotypes? Well, Aric Athair is NOT like that. He is cruel beyond any measure, and through the series, we learn all that he has done and still do to bend the will of is Bullets, torture til he breaks them, and keep control over everyone in the Net area. If there is an evil to defeat, it is definitely him! But I find that that kind of villains always makes for an interesting storyline!

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Like Voldemort is a doll compared to Aric Athair

That’s it for my five reasons, and I hope they made you curious 😉 Or maybe you know this series already?

Let me know!!

See you for a cup (of rum! ),


PS: you can find my review of Seafire here, and my review of Steel Tide here 🙂

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