TTT: Books on my Fall 2019 TBR

Top Ten (1)Hey guys!! I’m back for a new TTT, and this week we are talking about the books on my Fall TBR. I’ve mentioned a few already, on my 2019 most anticipated books so I’ll try to put some different ones here, and I hope you’ll be able to discover some less known ones. (Also, if you do not know what TTT is, you can read all about it at That Artsy Reader Girl.)

  1. Lalani of the distant sea – Erin Entrada Kelly: this one was an impulse buy. For the stunning cover as well as the abstract!
  2. The Ninth House – Leigh Bardugo: I expect this one will be on a lot of lists haha, but it is not without reasons right!! An adult dark academia by Leigh Bardugo? Way too hard to resist!
  3. I was born for this – Alice Oseman: not her most recent one, but it was gifted to me and the cover colors are a perfect match for Fall, so I’m super excited to read it this Fall.
    34325090. sy475
  4. Supernova – Marissa Meyer: another super anticipated ones but I can’t not put it here as it is the ONE book I want to read the most this year!! The Renegades series really caught my heart and I can’t wait to see what will happen to Nova and Adrian!
  5. The Darkest part of the Forest//The coldest girl in Coldtown//The Queen of nothing – Holly Black: Yup, it is a Holly Black Fall for me! Her books are just so perfect for this season!!
  6. The wise man’s fear – Patrick Rothfuss: I have been putting off this book for so so long (it is HUGE and we might never have the conclusion to the trilogy) but this Autumn I was DECIDED to crack it open! And I did!! I started it a few days ago so now, no matter how long it will take, I will read it all!
  7. City of ghosts – VE Schwab: I know almost everybody read that already but I’m late on the Schwab train haha. This book is just perfect for the season right??
    City of Ghosts (Cassidy Blake, #1)
  8. Nevernight – Jay Kristoff: Another book almost everybody read but me. I am SO EXCITED to read something else by Kristoff.
  9. The Good Luck Girls – Charlotte Nicole Davis: Far West + ghosts + feminist book: I am all in!!
    36381842. sy475
  10. Wicked – Gregory Macguire: THE witchy book if there is one! I tried it once already but gave up because of the writing… this time I’ll give it another shot in French!
    Wicked : la Véritable Histoire de la Méchante Sorcière de l'Ouest

That’s it for the Top Ten books on my Fall TBR, which one are yours?? Do we have some in common??

See you for a cup!


45 réflexions sur “TTT: Books on my Fall 2019 TBR

  1. Kathy @ Books & Munches dit :

    So many awesome books on your list!

    I LOVED Nevernight. It’s a slow start but once you get going.. There’s no stopping, haha. City of Ghosts is DEFINITELY right for this season / October. No doubt about it. I’m planning on reading the sequel. 😀 Pretty sure that, if Schwab ever writes a spooky book for young adults / adults, she’ll freak me out like no tomorrow. That woman can WRITE.

    I Was Born For This is an amazing one too. 🙂 Although less « in the season », it’s an awesome read.

    Hope you’ll enjoy every book on your list! 😀

    [I’m currently not participating in TTT but feel free to check out my blog, haha.]

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  2. Kate @ Cover to Cover Book Blog dit :

    I LOVE The Wise Man’s Fear!! We may never have the conclusion, sadly, but the book is still very worth the read 😄 Ninth House is on my list too! I’m sure it’s on many, lol. And you are very right – Holly Black IS absolutely perfect for this season! Especially the first two on the list. They are perfectly atmospheric for the season 💕✨

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