Soulwalkers: a new supernatural series in New Orleans!


Soulwalkers by Cassidy Thomas
The Riven Chronicles #1
Pages: 252
Format: ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review
Top 3 Genres: Contemporary, SupernaturalYoung Adult
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Set it on fire/ If you have nothing else to read/ you need to read it/Run and buy it.
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Hey guys! Back today with a new review! When Cassidy Thomas approached me about her book, Soulwalkers, I fell for the cover! And when I read what it was about (people having visions, New Orleans, magical secrets!), I thought it would be the perfect read for the season!

Kia LaStrauss can see into your soul with the touch of her hand. She can see your fears, desires, wants. She can see your past. Your present. Your future. She is a Soulwalker.
New Orleans is the city Kia calls home: a city of revelry, jazz, wonder, and magic. She grew up listening to stories of magic and mysticism, but they were just stories… or so she thought. After experiencing two visions of the future, Kia learns of the existence of Soulwalkers, and that she is one of them. With the help of her mentor Ian, she begins to learn what she is capable of, and the consequences of her newfound power. But even Ian cannot prepare her for what she will discover.
Kia is thrown into a world once unimaginable, where the touch of a hand could kill her and every new discovery can change the course of her life forever.

Welcome to the magic of New Orleans and the crazy life of Kia LaStrauss

I can’t resist a book happening in New Orleans, for the better (like Behind the Bars) or the worse (like The Beautiful). I’d say Soulwalkers in on the good side of the middle! I was quite easily enraptured by the story, by how poor Kia sees her life going upside down when she understands what she is: a Soulwalker, someone who – by a simple touch – can see into someone past or future. It can come handy… except when you are like Kia and have some sort of malfunction: because she experiences in her body what she sees in her Walks. If the person is getting shot, she is getting shot too for example. Pretty dangerous right? Especially that Soulwalkers seem to have a tendency not to grow old!
Premonition - Charmed Chosen-Legacy Wiki

But Kia is not alone in this: she has the eternal support of her sister, Katelyn (and the sister-sister relationship was one of my favorite parts of the story!) and her sexy mentor Ian (yeah, you can see what is coming here!). Ok, I had some trouble with Ian calling Kia  »kid » all the time, but other than that, he was a pretty good character!

There was also a lot of surprises and revelations through the book, especially in the second half. Some of our questions are answered, while some information at the very end will really make you want to get the second book right away!

Now on the things that I had some trouble with: I feel like the writing was mostly good, but in some parts, it felt very scholar. There were way too many times the pronouns  »Kia » and  »Katelyn », and it made it feel repetitive. I think we could have benefited of a bit more descriptions too, but overall, I’d say it was pretty fine and enough detailed that you could imagine well the story unraveling through the pages.

In a few words

This book is Cassidy’s first, and I think you could see some of the fragilities we often meet in new authors. That being said, it was really an enjoyable read, with interesting characters and supernatural elements! Definitely, a book to keep in mind for your Christmas list (as it’s coming out beginning of December ;))!

See you for a cup,


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