My 10 favorite reads of 2019

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Hey guys! Time for the last Top Ten Tuesday of the year ( if you do not know what TTT is, you can read all about it at That Artsy Reader Girl.) !! And we are going with a classical prompt on this 31st of December: 10 favorite reads of 2019 🙂 It was not easy, and I had to ask Goodreads for help, but here is my top 10:

  1. The wise man’s fear – Patrick Rothfuss: also, my longest read of the year! I waited a while to read it but SO WORTH IT.
  2. Lore Olympus – Rachel Smythe: this is an ongoing webcomic (I’m planning an article on the matter) and an incredible story I discovered this year. I’m just crazy about this beautiful retelling of Hades and Persephone!
  3. The Ruin of Kings – Jenn Lyons: an incredible high fantasy adventure!
  4. The Way of Kings – Brandon Sanderson: that is a big book if you ask for one! But such a rich universe and interesting characters!
  5. Charmcaster – Sebastien de Castell: I’m crazy about the Spellslinger series and this third book was pretty incredible!
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  6. Un dîner avec Cary Grant – Malika Ferdjoukh: This one is French and it’s wonderful. A historical dive into New York city in the 20s and a band of young adults trying to make their life there!
  7. Traitor to the Throne – Alwyn Hamilton: Rebel of the Sands really captured my heart with its magical world and brave characters! I could have but the entire trilogy there but well I had read book one in 2018 :p
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  8. The Mirror Visitor #4 (not yet translated in English, original title: La tempête des échos) – Christelle Dabos: This series is everything and more, it’s so complex and fascinating and you must all read it. Finally having the last book and reading it was an intense moment!
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  9. The Gilded wolves – Roshani Chokshi: Roshani’s writing style is simply stunning and I’m crazy about it! So of course, I was ecstatic to discover her latest YA… and I loved it!
  10. Nos âmes tourmentées – Morgane Moncombe: another French book here, and a romance! Yes, a romance made it to my top 10! This one was so heartbreaking and powerful, it had to!
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That’s it for my top 10, it was hard to choose but I bet it will be even harder next year! What about you? What were your favorite books from this year?

See you for a cup,


27 réflexions sur “My 10 favorite reads of 2019

  1. Keri dit :

    Yesss, love all the fantasy on this list! I also started following Lore Olympus this year and omg, IT’S SO GOOD! What other webcomics do you follow?
    And yesss, I also adored The Gilded Wolves! I have an eARC of the sequel and I can’t wait to pick it up.
    Happy New Year’s Eve!

    Here’s my TTT post if ya wanna check it out:

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  2. Nikki @The Night is Dark and Full of Books dit :

    I’m glad you were able to find all of these new favorites! I really want to try to read some more fantasy next year because I barely read any in 2019. I hope you have a great last day of the year and a wonderful 2020!

    My TTT.

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  3. Cate @ The Crime Scene Bookworm dit :

    So many of these I’ll finally get to read in 2020! I finally got a copy of Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, and I’ve been meaning to read Lore Olympus for AGES. And I finally got Gilded Wolves, too! Great list!
    Here’s My TTT

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