Indigo Teen March SPOTM: Bone Crier’s Moon!

img_2858Hello bookdragons!! A new month is here (and almost over but let’s forget this tiny detail), and with it, a new Chapters Indigo Teen Staff Pick of the Month: Bone Crier’s Moon!
Today, I’m gonna share with you 5 good reasons why you should try this YA fantasy novel!

Staff Pick of the Month?

If you are wondering what this is about, each month, across all the Chapters stores, over 200 employees select a title to be the Staff Pick of the Month, in the Teen section! For the entirety of this month, the book is available for 20$ only. And each month, I am lucky enough to receive a copy of this SPOTM in order to share my honest opinion about it 🙂

March Teen Pick: Bone Crier’s Moon by Kathryn Purdie

Bone Criers are the last descendants of an ancient famille charged with using the magic they draw from animal bones to shepherd the dead into the afterlife—lest they drain the light from the living.
Ailesse has been prepared since birth to become their matriarch, but first she must complete her rite of passage: to kill the boy she’s destined to love.
Bastien’s father was slain by a Bone Crier and he’s been seeking revenge ever since. Now his vengeance must wait, as Ailesse’s ritual has begun and their fates are entwined—in life and in death.

Bone Crier's Moon

5 Good reasons to read Bone Crier’s Moon

  1. A very rich lore: and definitely the most interesting part of the book! We see here re-invented the myth of La Dame Blanche (yeah, French still appears to be the fancy thing to do lol), these mysterious beautiful ladies luring men to their death. But here, they serve a specific purpose, to help the deads reach the Afterlife. To help them, they can harness the magic of different animals, my killing them and consecrating their bones. It was really unique and fascinating!
  2. A good hate to love trope: my favorite romantic trope haha
  3. Some good and surprising plot twists, but well I can’t really tell you more about it :p
  4. Friendship: I see more and more books displaying strong friendships between two female characters, and I’m always a fan! I loved Ailesse and Sabine relationship here and how close they are.
  5. It’s like a dance! There were a lot of different intense action moments in this novel. At some point, I thought we had reached the resolution moment of the book but no, it was only 100 pages in. The main characters are all in some sort of dance together, crossing over, interacting and then distancing, it was really pleasant as a reader!

Have you read it already? Do you want to? Let me know!!

See you for a cup,


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