Top Ten Tuesday: 10 books I bought because… vampires and werewolves!

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Hey guys! Back for a little TTT (and another article will pop out later on today, don’t miss it, it’s about a book coming out TODAY!), and today we had to share 10 books we bought/borrowed because… of whatever reason! I went for books I bought/got because…werewolves and vampires! Haha thought it would be fun! They kind of are my secret pleasure haha.
Oh, and if you do not know what TTT is, you can read all about it at That Artsy Reader Girl.

  1. The Parasol Protectorate series – Gail Carriger: my favorite Steampunk series!
  2. The Beautiful – Renee Adhieh: I was so ready and excited with the vampire + New Orleans combo! Well… WHAT A DECEPTION!
  3. Rebecca Kean – Cassandra O’Donnell: Sorry, that is a French paranormal series but gosh, so many sexy werewolves!
  4. The All Souls trilogy – Deborah Harkness: lots of vampires…sexy vampires! TBH I also got this one for the witches haha!
    8667848. sy475
  5. House of Earth and Blood – Sarah J Maas: ok, this one is new and I had planned to read it no matter what BUT, knowing there would be werewolves in it I wanted it even more!
  6. Insatiable – Meg Cabot: I always loved Meg Cabot, so a Meg Cabot with vampires… I had to!
    6953500. sy475
  7. Shiver – Maggie Stiefvater: I got the entire series (used) because werewolves romance… but after reading the first one I gave up, I think I was too old when I discovered it!
  8. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown – Holly Black: I had the feeling this would be the perfect Halloween book, also the vampire representation sounded so interesting! I was not disappointed!
  9. Alpha and Omega – Patricia Briggs: I was super into an all-werewolves series… but one book is all it took me to realize that Briggs was not for me haha!
  10. Empire of the Vampire – Jay Kristoff: ok so I know this one is not out yet but I know I’ll get it right away!!!!
    43728380. sy475

Any good vampire or werewolf book to add to my list that you’ve read (except Twilight lol)?

See you for a cup,


9 réflexions sur “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 books I bought because… vampires and werewolves!

  1. Vic dit :

    You’re not the first one I encounter that didn’t like The Beautiful and that makes me hesitant to try it.

    Also The All Souls Trilogy is one of my ultimate fav 💕💕💕

    And I bought Cry Wolf a few days ago. 30% in and even though I love werewolves stories I can’t get myself into it…? I feel less lonely there haha.
    Thanks for the recommendations!

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