The truth according to Blue: the perfect Summer read for Middle-graders!

The truth according to Blue by Eve Yohalem
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Pages: 352
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Middle-grade, Contemporary, Adventure
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Set it on fire/ If you have nothing else to read/ you need to read it/Run and buy it.
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Hey guys! If you are looking for the perfect book to offer a young reader in your family or closed ones, look no further: the truth according to Blue is there for you!

Thirteen-year-old Blue Broen is on the hunt for a legendary ship of gold, lost centuries ago when her ancestors sailed to New York. Blue knows her overprotective parents won’t approve of her mission to find their family’s long-lost fortune, so she keeps it a secret from everyone except her constant companion, Otis, an 80-pound diabetic alert dog. But it’s hard to keep things quiet with rival treasure hunters on the loose, and with Blue’s reputation as the local poster child for a type 1 diabetes fundraiser.
Blue’s quest gets even harder when she’s forced to befriend Jules, the brainy but bratty daughter of a vacationing movie star who arrives on the scene and won’t leave Blue alone. While Blue initially resents getting stuck with this spoiled seventh grade stranger, Jules soon proves Blue’s not the only one who knows about secrets — and adventure.
Will Blue unravel a three hundred year-old family mystery, learn to stand up for herself, and find the missing treasure? Or is she destined to be nothing more than « diabetes girl » forever?

Welcome to Blue’s life!

   Blue is 13. She is smart and funny, loves treasure hunts and her best friend Nora. And most of all, her dog Otis. Because Otis is special: he is her service dog. Blue has diabetes, every day, she has to check up her insulin level, and eat accordingly. Everyday, she is risking her life, she can fall into a coma, or injure herself in many ways. But she is still an amazing girl, and this Summer, she will discover a lost at sea treasure! Because Blue is tired of being limited to only « the girl with diabetes », she wants more for herself!

And so, with her new (and forced) friend Jules, she will explore the area in search of the gold said to be part of the ship cargo that sank centuries ago. For Blue, it is more than just gold though, it is the search her grandpa spent years on, and her with him. It is the legacy of her family.

That would sound like a good summer right? Well except that a super-rich guy is also decided to find the treasure, at all cost. And he will make Blue and Jules life more difficult through the Summer. A race to be the first finding the treasure will start, but what can two teens do against a millionaire? That is for you to discover!

More than just adventure

Ok ok, I said that Blue is not defined by her diabetes only, but I still need to talk about it. The author did here a great job (at least in my almost neophyte opinion) to educate readers on how diabetes (of the type Blue has at least) works, and what it is to live with it. Won’t lie, it brought tears to my eyes once or twice. But it was also very informative.. and allowed to add an amazing character with Ortis! Plus, I think it will feel good for a lot of readers to have a character like them… or different! It works great in any case haha and brings diversity to the middle-grade genre!

In a few words

Blue, Jules, and Ortis will embark any young reader on their adventure, while also informing them of diabetes and what it is to live with it!

See you for a cup,


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