The Opposite of Falling Apart: the next contemporary you must read!

The Opposite of Falling Apart by Micah Good
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Pages: 432
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Young AdultContemporaryRomance
TW: anxiety, PTSD symptoms, car accident
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Set it on fire/ If you have nothing else to read/ you need to read it/Run and buy it.
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Hey guys!! Today, for once, I will tell you about a contemporary that I did love. Proof that it can happen! Yes, I am picky, but it is possible! And The Opposite of Falling apart is proof of that 😉

After losing his leg in a terrible car accident, Jonas Avery can’t wait to start over and go to college. Brennan Davis would like nothing more than to stay home and go to school, so she can keep her anxiety in check. When the two accidentally meet the summer before they move away, they’ll push each other to come to terms with what’s holding them back, even as they’re pulled closer to taking the biggest leap of all—falling in love

Broken characters are the best characters to write about 

The Opposite of falling apart is the story of Brennan and Jonas. Two young people about to enter college with the usual worries… and some extras!
On one hand, Jonas has lost part of his leg after a car accident. He has PTSD like symptoms, and can’t accept what he lost, hanging on to his anger and despair.
On the other hand, we have Brennan who has a severe anxiety disorder and who also refuses to accept it.
Both of them feel like their life is falling apart, that they don’t control anything, and that the world is overwhelming, each in their own way. And then they meet.

Which does not mean everything is fixed magically. Not everything is pretty and sorted out. No, it’s still hard. Brennan still has anxiety attacks, still misses classes cause it’s too hard, still doubts herself every step of the way. And Jonas still hates that he can’t walk normally, still refuses to see anyone – including himself – looking at his prosthetic, still sweat and feel like dying when he gets into a car.

But, together, step by step (sometimes backward!), they will help each other see that they are not broken, and that they can do something else than falling apart. Jonas will slowly help Brennan open up about how she is really affected by her anxiety, and not just what she accept to say. Brennan will help Jonas realize that not being like the person he was before doesn’t mean he can’t be anyone at all.

In a few words

Brennan and Jonas story sounded true and really talked to me, it was easy to connect with them and follow their path and I loved it! Definitely one of the best contemporary books that I have read in a while!

See you for a cup,


PS: on a side note, as someone who deals with anxiety too, it felt good to have a character like Brennan, and to see how she was dealing with it, how it felt at the worse, and it was a very real depiction of it!

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