My first (and not my last) Nina Lacour: Watch Over me!

Watch Over Me by Nina Lacour
eARC provided by Penguin Teen Canada
Pages: 272
Top 3 Genres:
Paranormal, Contemporary, Young adult
My rating:
Set it on fire/ If you have nothing else to read/ you need to read it/Run and buy it.
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Hey bookdragons!This Fall I decided to go a bit out of my comfort zone, and look for more….atmospheric, or even creepier than my usual reads, and I thought that Watch Over Me by Nina Lacour could be exactly that! I was so prepared for the worst creepiness that in the end it felt way lighter than I thought haha!

Mila is used to being alone. Maybe that’s why she said yes to the opportunity: living in this remote place, among the flowers and the fog and the crash of waves far below.
But she hadn’t known about the ghosts.
Newly graduated from high school, Mila has aged out of the foster care system. So when she’s offered a job and a place to stay at a farm on an isolated part of the Northern California Coast, she immediately accepts. Maybe she will finally find a new home, a real home. The farm is a refuge, but also haunted by the past traumas its young residents have come to escape. And Mila’s own terrible memories are starting to rise to the surface.

Delicate trauma

From what I understand, Nina Lacour writes a lot about girls facing difficult things in life, lots of self-reflection and such. In that way, I believe you will find the same thing in this book: Mila, our main character, has been placed in the foster system as a teen, and as she starts now her first job as an adult, in an isolated farm, we will understand what brought her there. Nina Lacour does this story telling in a very unique way, alternating present Mila, who is teaching a young kid, trying to help him, while also finding her place at the farm, and past Mila, a young girl who had to go through a terrible experience and survived…. but at what cost?
It was a very immersive and raw writing, we could feel all of Mila’s emotions, almost see them, as they overpowered her sometimes. Can she move on from her past? Will she understand her insecurities and her want to belong? And when the time comes, will she accept her past, and be ready to do what it takes to embrace her future?

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Why are you haunted?

What really put this book apart for me, was the setting. First, this isolated farm in the North of California: we have the ocean, we have vegetables and flowers growing on the ground, we have homemade cooking (pleeeasse I want this pumpkin soup and homemade butter!!), and that’s the kind of setting I always LOVE. Here, it was no exception. I don’t know, I’ll probably die without the internet, but I love the idea of such a simple and grounded life. We also meet several members of the adopted family, though not all of them (there are like 6 or 7 foster kids, two teachers and the adoptive parents), and it helps us really feel the atmosphere Mila is diving in.
But mostly, what I loved where the ghosts. They are there in such a strange way…. this book is definitely in our world, like real world. But ghosts exist, or at least can be seen by some people. Can follow them even. Like this strange one following Mila and dancing around. Ghosts of kids too, wandering the lands. And they are accepted for real by everyone on the farm, their existence is not questioned, they are just there. As real as you and me. That was really well done, especially as you learn more and more about who they are and why they are here, and I loved the concept behind these ghosts as a whole. Definitely my fav part of the book!

In a few words

A reflexive, melancholic story, about a young girl who lost herself years ago….and who will have to face the ghosts of the past and present to rediscover who she is. And she has homemade butter! Definitely the perfect read on a rainy Fall afternoon 😉

See you for a cup,


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