The Forest of Stars: the perfect middle grade for this Winter!

The Forest of Stars by Heather Kassner
Format: Audiobook provided by Macmillan Audio
Top 3 Genres: Fantasy, Middle Grade, Audiobook
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Set it on fire/ If you have nothing else to read/ you need to read it/Run and buy it.
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Hey bookdragons! Today I am bringing to you some magic with The Forest of Stars, a middle grade fantasy novel that would make a great Christmas gift :p

Left all alone after her mother passes away, twelve-year-old Louisa LaRoche watches the sky for her father. Long ago, a powerful gust of wind swept through town, stealing him away on the wings of his untamed magic—the same magic that stirs within Louisa. As if she is made of hollow bones and too much air, her feet never quite touch the ground.
But for all her sky gazing, Louisa finds her fortune on the leaf-strewn street when she spots a gleaming black-and-gold invitation—a ticket to the Carnival Beneath the Stars. If her father fits in nowhere else, maybe she’ll find him there, dazzling crowds alongside the other strange and wonderful feats. Only, soon after she arrives, a tightrope act ends disastrously—and suspiciously. As fate tugs Louisa closer to the stars, she must decide if she’s willing to slip into the injured performer’s role, despite the darkness plucking at the carnival’s magical threads. 

Walking the air and looking at the stars

From the very first chapter, I was captivated by the Forest of Stars, this strange and whimsical fairy tale like story, in between Caraval and the Nutcracker! Why? Because of the love-bugs. Litteral ones. If you are sad and heartbroken, they will feel it and come, and eat you from the inside. I just love how sad and poetic it is. But also pretty terrible, as it is how Louisa’s mother dies. Yup, that’s that kind of story.
Her mother dead, Louisa struggles to hide what she is: a girl who walks on air instead of on the ground. And if she is not careful, she could get lost in the stars, just like her father.

That is, until she founds a real golden ticket to a mysterious and magical Carnival. A place full of enchantments that she starts to dream could help her find her father. But this Carnival, as beautiful as it is, could be harder to leave than Louisa thinks!
In this new world, she will discover other people with magical capabilities: a girl wielding shadows, a misfortune teller who grows flowers, two sisters who can be one…. and a very dangerours darkness, that seems to swipe magic away from the Carnival crew!

Louisa and her friends are decided to keep each other safe, and as the young girl learns to master her power, they investigate on who is causing the chaos and steals magic... because the culprit they are sure, is part of the Carnival!

I can’t tell you how beautiful the magic in this book is, how it is present in the little things, like the lovebugs, or the big ones, like a Carnival full outcasts with magical powers. It was truly enchanting in a way only fairy tales can be, and I was completely captivated by Louisa’s adventure, her quest to find herself and her father, from beginning to end!

In a few words

The perfect middle grade story for this Winter! And the audiobook narrator makes it even more magical and an ideal read for cozy evenings near the fireplace (or Netflix version of it if you are like me) 😉

See you for a cup,


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