January 2021 releases to add to your TBR!

Hi everyone! Let’s start 2021 as well as possible, and what is best than some incredible new books to look out for! Here is a list of January releases you do NOT want to miss 😉

January 5th

Lore – Alexandra Braken : Greek mythology, that is all I needed to hear to want it!
The Awakening of Malcolm X – Ilyasah Shabazz, Tiffany D. Jackson: Malcolm X daughter join with another amazing writer to tell us about the teen years of her famous father!
One of the Good ones – Maika and Maritza Moulite: 3 sisters, one of them is dead. Through family drama, we explore racism, police brutality, and how prompt people are to judge someone « worthy » or not!
When you look like us – Pamela N Harris: here again, we read about a young missing Black girl, who no one searches for… because she is Black, because she was not perfect, but when the police doesn’t act, her sibling will!

January 12th

Concrete Rose – Angie Thomas: Simply one of my most anticipated reads of the year, can’t wait to dive into Maverick’s youth!
Angel of Greenwood – Randi Pink: an historical fiction inspired by true Greenwood Massacre, by an author that I discovered a few years ago and was waiting eagerly for her next work!

January 19th

Winterkeep – Kristen Cashore: I’m simply super curious to dive back into the Graceling Realm!
Last night at the telegraph club – Malinda Ho: 1954, San Francisco’s Chinatown, and a lesbian bar, sounds like a unique book!

A very exciting list this month!!
Let me know which books you are anticipating for January 😉

See you for a cup,


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