February 2021 releases to add to your TBR!

Hi everyone! Time for my (more or less) regular article on monthly releases to look up to and add to your TBR!

February 2nd

Fat Chance, Charlie Vega – Crystal Maldonado : Fat rep + Latinx author? Sign me in please! Actually preordered this one 😛 I couldn’t resist that cover!
The Project – Courtney Summers: I am usually not a fan of thrillers but I’m super curious about this one!

February 9th

A Pho love story – Loan Lee: a cutre romance never hearts right? Especially if there is Pho involved!
The Gilded ones – Namina Forna: just this cover is enough to add it to your TBR! But then we have Black warrior girls also!!

February 16th

The Wide Starlight – Nicole Lesperance: a story where Northern lights are magical, I’m sold!

February 23rd

A Dark and Hollow star – Ashley Shuttleworth: this one caught my attention as the author is coming to the MTL YA Fest! It has fairies, quee characters and it’s happening in Canada! How to resist?
Love is for losers – Wibke Brueggemann : I read this one a while ago, as the publication was pushed, and loved the sarcastic style of the narrator! It was such a good read!

A shorter but very intruiging list this month!
Let me know which books you are anticipating for February 😉

See you for a cup,


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