5 Good reasons to devour House of Earth and Blood

House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J Maas
Crescent City #1
Arc provided by Raincoast Books
Top 3 Genres:
 New AdultFantasy, Supernatural investigation
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Set it on fire/If you have nothing else to read/you need to read it/Run and buy it.
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 Hey guys!!

So excited today to tell you about the last book I LOVED: House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J Maas! You can say whatever you want about her, I’m always hooked by her books! And HOEAB is no exception. I only have one warning: do not go into that book expecting something else than Sarah J Maas style. She is still herself, improved maybe like a lot of writers through time, but her style is still the same. So, love it or leave it 😉 And now that this is out of the way, I’m gonna share with you 5 good reasons to read it!!!!

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