Book reviews #7: Blossom of Ash by Kennedy Vega

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 Persephone is a mortal girl, beautiful in every way,  her only flaw is that she was born with a curled foot, a deformity that her aristocratic parents believe makes her undesirable and therefore ineligible to be married. Unable to bring her parents status and wealth through wedlock, Persephone is viewed as useless and is sentenced to live her life as a servant in her very own home. 
Her parents place their hopes and dreams on the shoulders of Persephone’s younger sister, Anathema, however the young child is afflicted with a fatal disease and in a desperate attempt to save their prospect her parents make a deal with the Lord of Death himself, Hades. 
On Persephone’s eighteenth birthday she must choose whether to go live with Hades and offer her life to save her sister or to live her days in the mortal realm as the Fates intended. 
A timeless tale reimagined with a fairytale flare, Blossom of Ash is a short story about the love that blooms between a mortal girl and a dark god as she discovers that your true home can be found in the strangest of places. 

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Hello book dragons! Today I am talking about a novella, a short story writen by my Instagram friend Kennedy Vega (januaryrabbit on Ig). When I learned she was writing a retelling of Hades and Persephone, I had to jump on it! First, I am a fan of greek mythology. I used to collect all the Hercules books I could find, true story. Second, I love retelling, always did, always will.

I was not disappointed with that one! We find a young Persephone, closer to Cinderella than to a deity. Having a hard life, she finds comfort in her beautiful garden, selling her flowers in the hope to one day leave this life. Until the day the bergain her mom made with Hades catches up with her!

I loved the writing of Kennedy, there is a lot of poetry in her words, and you can feel her tenderness and love for her characters. Reading this story was like taking a break in a long day, refreshing and sweet.

My only regret is that there is not enough development of the love story between Hades and Persephone. I understand the why, you do not have room for everything when you write something the length of a tale. But I wanted to know more, all the details. Thanksfully, the author is working on a longer version of this book!!! I can’t wait!

See you for a cup!